About Us

What About Tony’s?

Tony’s Eat & Drink is Franklin’s newest restaurant and bar, built so that locals would have a great place to hang out, meet friends, and relax 7 days a week! The owner (in his youth) would go out EVERY day and night to different bars and restaurants around Nashville, and had a dang good time doing it! When the time came to start his own bar, he wanted to create a vibe that everyone could enjoy and be excited about. He also loved Skee Ball. A lot! Everything at Tony’s was planned so that when you came to Tony’s, you’d have a good time! Whether you come in for lunch, happy hour, Trivia Tuesday, or the late night weekend DJ, we want you to feel welcome and always be among friends!  #letsgototonys

Tony Urbanek - Owner of Tony's Eat and Drink

Watch our promo video to find out what Tony’s Eat and Drink is all about!